The financial market isn't really different from other markets where goods are bought and sold. But rather than the exchange of vegetables, clothing, or computers for the local currency, the financial markets are focused on the buying, selling and holding of financial commodities, derivatives and securities.

For multiple years, LionBrand Invest have partnered with international brokers to generate  profits for our premium investors by leveraging the global financial market. Fortunately, we’re officially making this project available to new investors.

By leveraging financial markets, we specialise on these seven (7) types:  

[1] Capital markets – such as stocks and bonds markets.
[2] Derivatives markets – such as CFDs (Contracts for Difference).
[3] Commodity markets – such as gold, silver and oil.
[4] Money markets – such as short-term debt.
[5] Forex – also known as the Foreign Exchange market or FX.
[6] Cryptocurrency markets – which include Bitcoin and altcoins.
[7] Insurance market – which transfers risk for a premium.

Gaining mastery in financial markets help you thrive in any economic condition. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the stocks prices of Pharmaceutical, Online Entertainment and Virtual Workspace firms keep skyrocketing in profits.

So, our specialised financial team built a zero-risk system to earn fixed profits without you dealing with any loss.

Our Investment Offer

Through the financial market (FinMarket) project, our investors wallet is credited with 15% monthly for a period of twelve (12) months to total 180% which can be withdrawn at any time.

For instance, if you invest ₦100,000 in our financial market, ₦15,000 would be added to your wallet every month for 12 months till it sums up to ₦180,000.

Guess what? You can invest in our stock project with as low ₦10,000.

For a visual explanation on how the FinMarket works, watch our managing director:

CLICK HERE to watch on Youtube full scale mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are My Funds Safe?

[1] Our license with CAC as a subsidiary of LionBrand Consults (RC 2858505), [2] our regulation by The Financial Services Regulation Coordinating Committee (FSRCC) via CBN and [3] our five years in investment banking guarantees your fund is absolutely safe.

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Why Invest with LionBrand Invest?

As a merger between two giant investment firms, we possess adequate experience, professional expertise and financial intelligence to provide the best rates in the market.

Do I Get My Capital Back?

Yes, but not the conventional way. An 80% profit plus 100% capital sums up to 180%. It is divided by 12 months to payout 15% monthly. In other words, we liquidate the 180% across 12 months.

What If LionBrand Invest Loose?

The concept of the financial markets is built on gain and loss. Our trading mastery guarantees far more gains than losses. To further guard funds against huge loss, we have a regulated injection capital. Thus, we're double secured.

Who is Behind LionBrand Invest?

We have an amazing team of professionals headed by Forbes Consultant, Lovemore Leonard.

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Do You Have a Physical Office?

Sure, we would love to have you visit our office at Ventures Park, No. 29, Mambilla Street, Off AsoDrive, Maitama, FCT-Abuja.

How Do I Receive Payments?

Anytime you initiate withdrawal, your funds are automatically paid to the updated account number on your profile.

Why Invest in a Project with a 12 Months Contract?

[a] You don't have to wait for lengthy months to start profiting. Earning occurs monthly. [b] You can always add more investment to your portfolio with as little as ₦10k. It creates compound interest.

Why is Your Rate Attractive?

As a result of the large portfolio our stockbrokers' control and the exceptional relationships with financial institutions we're able to negotiate better rates over individual investors.

Can I Partner by Referring Investors?

Sure, we have an affiliate program that allows you earn commission by helping individuals invest in our projects.

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How Secure is My Information?

Our portal was built taking into proper consideration the security of your payment and other personal information. We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor which is a standard guide, globally, that all reputable payment processors must adhere to.

Do I Get Customer Support?

We have a first-class customer support for inquiries and technical issues. Email us at [email protected] or Call/WhatsApp +234 808 122 5442

Steps to Invest in our Financial Market Project

Open a free account on our web portal. CLICK HERE.

Click on the “Deposit” button to fund your account.

From the sidebar, click the “Project” tab, navigate to your preferred project and make payments.

Track your investment maturity via your dashboard and choose to withdraw profits any time.

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